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Spiritual Health Association has participated in the production of many documents examining spiritual health services and their role in the healthcare sector. Browse through our publications below which are available for download or purchase.

  • Certification of Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health. The Spiritual Health Association (Spiritual Health) and Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) have undertaken a joint project to identify the process and requirements for certification of spiritual care practitioners working in health. You would know that eligibility for membership of Spiritual Care Australia has been the industry benchmark for employment of spiritual care practitioners, chaplains and pastoral care workers. However, there is no standardised, mandatory process of professional recognition to ensure that only competent professionals are employed.  Such certification would objectively assess a person wanting to work as a spiritual care practitioner against agreed standards. Spiritual Health and SCA appointed Michelle Morgan as Project Worker to conduct a literature review and mapping process to measure what is happening in spiritual care in Australia against what is happening in other countries and in similar health-related professions in Australia. The report from this project has led to several provisional recommendations for certification and the process to grant it.  A consultation process has been undertaken, and a provisional report was discussed at the the recent Spiritual Care Australia conference. Click here to download the Report and Frequently Asked Questions. If you want to know more you can contact Cheryl Holmes [email protected].

    • Person-centred care postcards -  Spiritual Care promotion with definitions.  Spiritual Health Association have developed a person-centred postcard for use in your health service. The postcards clearly articulate the place of spiritual care in the provision of person-centred care. There are a number of ways that the cards can be used: Educational purposes:  Staff orientation programs; Training sessions delivered to other health professionals; Team meetings; multi-disciplinary meetings; one-on-one meetings with other staff, line managers, executives.
      Promotional:  Placed on staff notice boards; Available in the sacred space or other publically accessible areas; Accompanying communications, letters, or reports sent through the health service  or into the community. Postcards available for purchase - 10 for $10 incl. postage. Click here to see the cards - contact us to place an order.
    • To access the ICD-10-AM/ACHI/ACS Spiritual Intervention Codes which took effect from1 July 2017 please see below:

      ACCD Definitions of Spiritual Care Intervention Codes ACCD Definitions of Spiritual Care Intervention Codes (240 KB)

      A6 size postcards of the ICD-10 codes are available for purchase -  10 for $5.00 incl. postage. Contact us to place an order. 
    • National Consensus Conference Report “Enhancing Quality & Safety: Spiritual Care in Health”. Spiritual care is an essential component of safe and quality care but presently there is no consistent approach to the delivery of spiritual care across the health system in Australia. The National Consensus Conference Enhancing Quality & Safety: Spiritual Care in Health was held 1-2 June 2017 to address this issue and you can download the report here. This report includes the Principles for Design and Delivery of Spiritual Care Services that emerged from the conference and ten revised Policy Statements tested through the national survey and the consensus conference.
  • Heart and Soul Matters: A guide to providing spiritual care in mental health settings. This guide is intended for staff working in community and clinical services supporting people living with mental illness, their families and carers. It is designed to equip staff, carers and family members with basic information to engage in conversations that involve spiritual themes. To download the resource please click here. If you would like to purchase a hard copy there is a charge of $4 per booklet to cover printing & postage costs - contact us to buy a copy.

  • Stakeholder views on the role of spiritual care in Australian hospitals: an exploratory study is written by Cheryl Holmes, Spiritual Health Association CEO. This article presents and discusses the results of the national survey conducted in 2016-2017 in preparation for the National Consensus Conference held in June 2017. It has been published in Health Policy and the link is available here.

  • Outcomes for Professional Healthcare Chaplaincy: An International Call to Action. Guest Editorial in the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy Volume 20, Issue 2, 2014 An international perspective from: George F. Handzo, Mark Cobb, Cheryl Holmes, Ewan Kelly and Shane Sinclair. Link to the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy  here.  

  • Building Capacity for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing: Analysis of the training package offered to mental health workers in East Gippsland in 2015.  Spiritual Health Association was contracted by a non-government agency, Snap Inc. to provide training to mental health workers in East Gippsland. Snap Inc. asked us to survey participants prior to the training to get a sense of people’s understanding of what the words ‘spirituality’ and ‘spiritual care’ meant to them. These findings, together with post training data and six month post training evaluation, contribute to this report. Available here.

  • Spirituality in Aged Care Education Package is now available at Meaningful Ageing Australia.  To buy a copy contact Meaningful Ageing Australia at [email protected]  or PH: +61 3 8387 2274. 

  • A Voice at the Table: An Integrated Model for Pastoral Care in Aged Mental Health. Rosemary Kelleher with Olga Yastrubetskaya. A collaborative pastoral care project conducted in 2009 – 2011. Spiritual Health Association also contributed through consultation and funding. This book is intended for use by spiritual care practitioners. Available at a cost of $22 (incl GST and postage). Contact us to buy a copy.

  • Guidelines for Victorian Pastoral Care Department Facilities. Spiritual Health Association offers ‘Guidelines for Victorian Pastoral Care Department Facilities’. The free booklet provides guidance on the provision of pastoral care facilities that enable best practice, through opening opportunities for dialogue and possibilities between pastoral care staff, hospital management, faith communities and patients. It addresses the areas of physical space (rooms for meeting and teaching, administrative facilities and mortuary facilities), information and signage and includes a significant section on sacred space. We hope that the guidelines will inspire pastoral care departments to create meaningful, facilitative spaces that enable best practice in pastoral and spiritual care. Contact us to order a copy.


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