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Certification of Spiritual Care Practitioners in Health – a joint project

Date Posted: 13-May-2019

The Spiritual Health Association (Spiritual Health) and Spiritual Care Australia (SCA) have undertaken a joint project to identify the process and requirements for certification of spiritual care practitioners working in health.

You would know that eligibility for membership of Spiritual Care Australia has been the industry benchmark for employment of spiritual care practitioners, chaplains and pastoral care workers.  However, there is no standardised, mandatory process of professional recognition to ensure that only competent professionals are employed.  Such certification would objectively assess a person wanting to work as a spiritual care practitioner against agreed standards.

Spiritual Health and SCA appointed Michelle Morgan as Project Worker to conduct a literature review and mapping process to measure what is happening in spiritual care in Australia against what is happening in other countries and in similar health-related professions in Australia. The report from this project has led to several provisional recommendations for certification and the process to grant it.  A consultation process has been undertaken, and a provisional report was discussed at the the recent Spiritual Care Australia conference. Click here to download the Report and Frequently Asked Questions.

If you want to know more you can contact Cheryl Holmes [email protected].

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