Spirituality in Aged Care Professional Development Program

Ageing can be a time of profound spiritual reflection as people seek to find meaning in their lives and look for a continuing sense of hope and purpose. Residents of aged care facilities are often reliant on staff and volunteers to recognize their need for spiritual conversation and to ensure that their need for spiritual care is met. The Spirituality in Aged Care  Professional Development Program is an innovative education resource designed to assist aged care providers to better understand what is meant by spirituality and spiritual care, and to identify and respond to the spiritual needs of ageing residents and clients as part of their everyday practice.

About the program

  • Developed over three years in consultation with aged care interest groups and practitioners
  • Extensively piloted across a range of residential and community based aged care facilities in both regional and metropolitan settings
  • Suitable for all aged care staff and volunteers 
  • Approached from a holistic person-centred perspective of care with a particular focus on spirituality and spiritual needs
  • Aligned to 26 of the expected outcomes of the Residential Aged Care Accreditation Standards 

Enabling aged care staff and volunteers in your facility to:

  • Develop a shared understanding of a contemporary model of spirituality
  • Differentiate between spiritual care and religious care
  • Attend to the spiritual needs of individual residents/clients
  • Work collaboratively to respond to spiritual care needs
  • Find appropriate referral pathways when needed.
  • Program Overview

    The Spirituality in Aged Care Program is comprised of 6 modules suitable for all staff and volunteers involved in aged care, including ancillary staff, plus an additional 3 modules for participants who wish to take on the role of Spiritual Care Liaison in their facility. The program can be facilitated by a spiritual care professional from your facility or a Spiritual Health Victoria accredited facilitator. The six core modules can be delivered one at a time, over two half days, or over a whole day (recommended format). The final three modules are designed for staff who wish to become a Spiritual Care Liaison and provide support to other staff and volunteers by being available to have conversations regarding residents’ spiritual needs, and by helping other staff members and volunteers to decide what to do next. The Spiritual Care Liaison modules can be delivered as single sessions or over a half-day (recommended format).

    Course modules
    Module 1: Qualities and Values 
    Module 2: Presence and Listening Skills  
    Module 3: Understanding Spirituality and Religion  
    Module 4: Relational Spirituality – A Model of Spirituality  
    Module 5: Working with Relational Spirituality and Potential Responses
    Module 6: Spiritual Care for the Person with Dementia
    Module 7: Role of the Spiritual Care Liaison Staff
    Module 8: Spiritual Care as Intentional, Empathic, Responsive Listening
    Module 9: Listening to Stories

    Order Today!

    For $550 (incl. GST) you will receive:

    • Facilitator’s guide complete with module overviews, detailed session plans and presentation slides
    • Participant handouts and resources with practical activities, tools and reflection questions
    • Download access to e-book versions
    • Bonus content: Spirituality in Aged Care – Pilot Project Report.
    • Bonus content: Australian Aged Care Recipient’s Right to Spiritual Care Reference Index. 
    Spiritual Health Victoria can also provide: 

    • Professional on-site program facilitation 
    • Facilitator training for qualified spiritual care staff members from your facility
    • Contact us for a quote.
    Click Here to download the order form.

    For more information please contact Cheryl Holmes, CEO:
    [email protected]
    (03) 8415 1144. 

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